Euro Sports Scouting stödjer Bissen Brainwalk

Lördagen 3/5 spelar Carlstad Crusaders sin första match i årets Champions League och Euro Sports Scoutingde inleder på hemmaplan mot Copenhagen Towers. Matchen kommer att vara en s.k. välgörenhetsmatch där inträdet är fritt och man kommer samla in pengar till Bissen Brainwalk till förmån för forskning kring hjärnan och hjärnskador.

Företaget Euro Sports Scouting jobbar med att förmedla kontakter åt spelare och tränare i USA som vill ge sig ut i Europa för att spela eller träna fotboll och deras Senior Vice President of European Operations, Roger Kelly, brinner precis som Carlstad Crusaders för att hjälpa Bissen i hans insamling.



Every year, 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke. Nearly six million die and another five million are left permanently disabled. Strokes caused by concussion, many in sports, are rising in number as well.

The Carlstad Crusaders, defending Swedish American football champions and winners of four of the last five titles, are partnering with the “Bissen Brainwalk” to help expand research into the treatment and prevention of strokes. On Saturday, May 3, the Crusaders face the Copenhagen Towers in an important tournament game at home. They are donating the proceeds from the game plus donations from sponsors and individuals, to the “Bissen Brainwalk”, a movement dedicated to raising awareness and funds for research into brain injuries. With concussions now a key topic in football, the Crusaders are taking a big step to help.

Bissen Brainwalk was started by Sweden’s Mathias Bissen Larsson who himself suffered a devastating stroke at the age of 34. He was virtually incapacitated and semi paralyzed with almost no hope of recovery. This highly trained athlete, who at one time was one of the finest bandy (a European winter sport) players in his country, found himself teetering on the brink of death in a hospital room. Today he has become the unofficial spokesperson for brain injury research and a symbol of hope for thousands of people suffering from the effects of brain injuries.

During his painstakingly slow recovery Mathias had to learn to eat, sit up, walk and even blink his eyes. It took him almost a year to finally walk a few blocks. So, to mark that date, “Bissen” challenged himself and his friends and family to walk 10 kilometers to raise funds for brain research. The “walk” found its way to Facebook and on that day more than 1,000 people showed up in his small hometown of Koping.

Today, the Bissen Brainwalk , or BBW, is held in small cities and towns throughout Sweden as people pledge funds to help raise awareness and aid research efforts. The Bissen Brainwalk foundation has raised millions of dollars since 2011. Mathias has received awards and accolades, met with the King of Sweden and been interviewed by media, both small and large, all over the country.

The movement has more than caught fire. Earlier in April, Swedish troops in Afghanistan held their own BrainWalk earning international recognition. Teams, players, clubs, businesses and private individuals have jumped to help, pledging everything from $10 for every goal scored up to $3,000 for every car sold by a local dealership to a Brainwalk participant.

Euro Sports Scouting is teaming up with the Bissen Brainwalk and the Carlstad Crusaders to spread the word through the European American football community and the rest of the world. We fully endorse this cause and will continue to promote and raise awareness for it.

For more details on how to donate to the Bissen Brainwalk and possibly help someone you know, contact

By Roger Kelly