Black Knights Use Second Half Comeback to Beat Mean Machines

This week on Friday Night Lights in Sweden’s Super Serien, the Örebro Black Knights defeated the Stockholm Mean Machines 29-26 in a comeback thriller! The Mean Machines had a 20-6 halftime lead that disappeared as the final seconds of the game came down to a 49 yard field attempt. Both teams played well in this competitive game that became an instant classic.

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Photo Credit: Stefan Akander

The raining weather looked to play a part early in the game, as both quarterbacks had trouble handling the wet ball. But as the game went on the sun came out and things settled into actual football play. The Stockholm Mean Machines started the game with an impressive drive, powered by a 32 yard run from running back Emil Knutsson that put the team right outside the Black Knights red zone. A missed 4th & 10 attempt would have stalled the opening drive if not for a pass interference penalty against the Black Knights that put the Mean Machines at the 12 yard line. From there, Emil Knutsson ran 12 yards before fumbling the ball into the endzone, where wide receiver Michael Sander recovered the ball for a Mean Machines touchdown. 7-0, Mean Machines. Örebro started the game with returning quarterback Raleigh Yeldell in a 5-receiver formation. This was an interesting twist, but ultimately the Black Knights went 3-and-out on the possession. Both teams spent the next few possessions trading punts after unsuccessful drives. When the Örebro Black Knights finally had their first 1st down of the game, thanks to the running of Johnny Grandin, they started to move the ball down the field rapidly.

A big 42 yard catch by wide receiver Johannes Lindeus put the Black Knights on the Mean Machines 5 yard line. That’s where Eric Murphy entered the game in the goal line personnel, and ran in the short 5 yard touchdown for the Black Knights. 7-6, Mean Machines. Two plays later, the Mean Machines answer back with a 60 yard catch and run by wide receiver Matthew Retzlaff for a score. 14-6, Mean Machines. Before the Black Knights could put together a responding drive, Malcolm Engström of the Mean Machines sacked quarterback Raleigh Yeldell, forcing a fumble that Morgan Hjort recovered to give the Mean Machines the ball at Örebro’s 33 yard line. Using the legs of Emil Knuttson, the Mean Machines drove down to the Black Knights one yard line. From there, quarterback Anders Hermodsson scored a one yard touchdown on a qb keep. 20-6,

Photo Credit: Stefan Akander

Mean Machines. Örebro responded with a 3-and-out possession. Stockholm was looking to take advantage again, and utilized running back Emil Knutsson on a perfectly timed screen pass for 32 yards, to get to the middle of the field. Later in the drive, Anders threw a risky pass that was somehow caught by Michael Sander for 18 yards, to put the Mean Machines in a position to score. On the next play, Hermodsson was sacked by Felix Jarvela and Martin Jäppinen. Then defensive back Eric Murphy intercepted a Hermodsson pass in the Black Knights endzone. Using a no huddle and 5-receiver formation, the Black Knights marched down the field quickly with time running out before halftime. On the last play from scrimmage, Raleigh Yeldell connected with
Johannes Lindeus for a 31 yard touchdown. The touchdown would not count as Yeldell crossed the line of scrimmage before throwing the pass, making it an illegal forward pass. The score would remain 20-6, Mean Machines at halftime.



The Black Knights opened the second half with a 3-and-out series offensively, but were able to force the Mean Machines to punt the ball. This is where the game took a dramatic turn. Mixing Jens Biteus into the running back rotation, the Black Knights starting to move down the field. A simple bubble route to Tomas Jacobsen turned into a 47 yard touchdown pass. The Black Knights faked the extra point field goal attempt, and
Johannes Lindeus ran in the ball for a 2-point conversion. 20-14, Mean Machines.

Photo Credit: Daniel Lubner

The Stockholm Mean Machines went 3-and-out on their next series. The Black Knights again took advantage of their situation. Örebro converted crucial 3rd downs and used a 31 yard catch by Johannes Lindeus to get to the Mean Machines 20 yard line. On a 3rd & 2, the Black Knights converted with a 12 yard pass from Raleigh Yeldell to Johannes Lindeus for a touchdown. 21-20, Black Knights. The Mean Machines were up for the challenge, and put together a threatening drive, using a 30 yard pass to Michael Sander to get things going.  But the Black Knights defense stepped up once the Mean Machines moved closer to their red zone. Defensive lineman Martin Jäppinen of the Black Knights tipped a pass attempt that flew into the hands of Felix Jarvela for an interception at the Back Knights 32 yard line. Örebro took over with slowing down the game in mind. Milking the play clock and running the ball, the Black Knights were executing a very efficient 4-minute drill. But that all changed when receiver Karl Lind caught a simple hitch route and turned it into a 44 yard touchdown catch. The Black Knights were able to make another 2 point conversion. 29-20, Black Knights. This game was far from over, as the Mean Machines had no trouble getting the ball into the Black Knights redzone, courtesy of a 30 yard pass and catch from quarterback Anders Hermodsson to receiver Michael Sander. On a crucial 3rd & Goal from the 18 yard line, Emil Knutsson caught a screen pass for a Stockholm touchdown. The Mean machines missed the extra point. 29-26, Back Knights. On the next drive, the Stockholm Mean Machines defense stopped the Black Knights on a 4th and 1 attempt. With 6 seconds left in the game, the Mean Machines got in position for a 49 yard field goal to tie the game. The Kick by Jakob Gorecki was well short. Final score 29-26 Örebro Black Knights.


Read my full game analysis with game stats HERE


This was definitely a great game to see on Friday Night Lights! Both teams really played well throughout the game. The Mean Machines took advantage of the Black Knights early mistakes as a good team should, but their defense could not stop the inevitable success of the Black Knights offense. Both teams made the game more difficult by committing penalties at crucial points throughout the game. The two pass interference calls against the Black Knights resulted in eventual scores, even though I believe both calls were incorrect. The Mean Machines kicking game could also be seen as the blame for the loss, but I’m not that petty. Two missed extra point attempts and the missed game tying field goal attempt is a five point difference that the Mean Machines could have used in this game. Overall, this game was played tough by both teams, and previews what should be a great rematch in a few weeks.


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