Perfect Pervis 2018 Super Serien Predictions

This Friday marks the beginning of the 2018 Super Serien Season! With all the excitement surrounding the new five team league, it’s only fitting that I present my Super Serien predictions. I have previewed each of the Super Serien contenders this year, which includes the Örebro Black Knights, Carlstad Crusaders, Uppsala 86ers , Göteborg Marvels and Stockholm Mean Mean Machines. Today, I will start making friends and enemies, as I will predict how these teams fair in the 2018 regular season.


For dramatic effect, I will be listing the teams from the bottom to the top.


5 – Stockholm Mean Machines

It’s with a heavy heart that I put the Mean Machines this low on the list. After recently witnessing them in person in Finland about a week ago, I believe they are a good team and will get better as the season progresses. Whichever team places 5th in this league will not be a cakewalk, and I expect the Mean Machines to be in the playoff hunt all season. I will not be upset if this team proves me wrong and makes a playoff run.


4 – Uppsala 86ers

Having the 86ers at the 4th spot if hilarious, because I could easily have them at 3, or even 2 on the list. Similarly to the Mean Machines, their preseason performance is what has made them drop in this list. The 86ers are a great organization, and have a talented roster. That is not all it takes to be a winner. The lost to the team in Iceland showed that the 86ers need more time to become the team they want to be at the end of this season, Super Serien Champions. Well the league starts this week! There is no more time, the Uppsala team needs to be ready now. The team can win some games based on pure talent alone, and squeak into the playoffs. After that who knows, but hopefully they will have a chance to peak late in the season and make a run at the title?


3 – Göteborg Marvels

The new team at #3? Why not? The Marvels have spared no expense bringing in some of the best players in Sweden, and very talented imports. The team that won division 1 with ease, knows what it takes to win and has the personnel to do it. The Marvels will be an unexpected shock to all teams in the Super Serien. The Göteborg home field could come into play as well, especially if the team outperforms my ranking and gets the #2 playoff seed, and the honor to host a playoff game. I’m not sleeping on the Marvels in 2018!



2 – Örebro Black Knights

Last year the Black Knights were so successful, some of their best players are now playing in the GFL! But the Örebro team was prepared and has restocked the cupboard. Finding quality Swedish players, and game changing imports, the Black Knights look different. Let me rephrase that, the Black Knights look BETTER! Yes, I said it, the Black Knights look better than the 2017 version everyone saw. With that type of improvement, I would not be surprised to see the Örebro team tied in the top spot heading into the playoffs. I think for this team to really gain respect as a true contender for the title they must do more than win, they must win with pure dominance and style.


1 – Carlstad Crusaders

Eight years straight. I really want to just stop there, as that’s all that needs to be said. The Crusaders are returning to defend their title. They have beefed up their defense to squash any doubt about their standing as the top dog.  Yea, they want to win a European title, but the Carlstad Crusaders also want to be the best team to ever play in Sweden. The amount of motivation and focus this team contains is enough to make them good. But the amount of talent and coaching is why they are, and will be the best at the end of this season!






I know this article was vaguer than what I usually write, but that was done purposely. If you want to know exactly how these teams will do this season, watch the games! I know I will! That is the only true way to find out why these teams will finish the season ranked where they are. Let the games begin!

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