Talking to Carlstad Crusaders new Defensive Lineman Josh Hill

Josh Hill is a new edition to the Carlstad Crusaders 2018 defense. The defensive lineman will be playing end and tackle for the defending champs this season. Hill was kind enough to answer a few questions heading into the new season.



Josh Hill is from Glastonbury, Connecticut, where he attended Glastonbury High School. Hill played college ball at Merrimack College (North Andover, Massachusetts). While at Merrimack, Hill led his conference in sacks, and was named All-Conference twice. Josh Hill left college ranked second in career sacks at Merrimack College.





How much impact did the coaching staff have on your decision to play for the Carlstad Crusaders?

Coach Tracy Gere had a lot of impact on me deciding to sign with Carlstad. He showed a lot of interest in me from very early on, and was very up front with me the whole time. He answered all my questions and seemed very excited about me coming, which made me even more excited to come play for him and this organization.


What other factors helped you choose to play for the Carlstad Crusaders?

This team has a great history of being a dominant team, and I wanted to be a part of something special like this. Where football is taken seriously and people take pride in the game, and I can see I have made the right choice to come here.


What skills and attributes do you possess that will help the team, and contribute to your overall success?

I think I am a very explosive player on the defensive line. I think one of my best skills would be my pass rush ability to be able to get pressure on the quarterback and make him uncomfortable in the pocket. I also think I will be able to clog up the middle in the run game and make some plays and help the backers be able to flow freely.


What about your game are you hoping to improve through this season’s experience?

I am hoping to just continue to improve at defensive tackle. I played more end in college so I just want to continue to get better at that position.


Besides winning the NEFL and Super Serien with your team, what are you wanting to accomplish individually this season?

Individually I want to be able to be the best defensive lineman in Europe. That is a goal for myself, and also I want to be able to create as many problems as possible up front to help my teammates make plays on the back end.


What message do you want to give your future teammates and fans?

I just want my teammates to know I am just here to work as hard as possible to become the best player I can be to help the team. I am extremely excited for this opportunity to be here and play football in this country, and I am doing everything I can to keep the winning tradition going.


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