Carlstad Crusaders 2018 Playoff Preview

Saturday afternoon the  8-time defending champions Carlstad Crusaders take on the Uppsala 86ers for a  chance to play in the 2018 Super Serien Final. The Crusaders are ranked as one of the top teams in Europe and are heavy favorites against the 2 win Uppsala Squad. But in the playoffs, anything can happen, and both of these teams know that. The Crusaders team is approaching this game as if defending its title in Sweden.



Numbers never lie, so I will let the Crusaders stats speak for themselves. League rankings are included.




Points Per Game: 50.1 (#1)

Rushing Yards Per Game: 149.1 (#2)

Passing Yards Per Game: 273.5 (#1)

Total Yards: 422.6 (#1)

Turnovers Lost: 7 (#1)

3rd Down Conversions: 60.9%(#1)

4th Down Conversions: 50% (#2)

Red Zone Conversions: 82.2% (#2)


Photo Credit: Hans Cullberg


Points Allowed Per Game: 20.8 (#1)

Yards Allowed Per Game: 295.6 (#1)

Turnovers Forced: 16 (#1)

3rd Down Conversions: 32.1% (#1)

4th Down Conversions: 40% (#1)

Red Zone Conversions: 83.3% (#4)


Key Players

Photo Credit: Hans Cullberg

Philip Juhlin, QB – 69%, 2180 yd, 29 tds, 3 int / 308 rush yds, 10 td

Victor Toresson, RB – 402 yds, 7 td

Christian Forsman, RB – 258 yds, 4 td / 124 rec yds, 1 td

Robin Juhlin, WR – 808 yds, 11 tds

Jacob Dahre, WR – 562 yds, 8 tds

Julius Rucker, DB – 29 tkls, 3 pbu, 2 int, 1 td / 119 rec yds, 2 tds / 29.6 KR avg, 1 td

Christian Kulenstjerna, LB – 73 tkls, 9 tfl 1.5 sacks, 1 ff

Mattias Eriksson, LB – 67 tkls, 5.5 tfl, 1.5 sacks, 1 int

Josh Hill, DL – 25 tkls, 9 tfl, 3.5 sacks, 1 ff

Alex Haldane, DL – 22 tkls, 3 tfl, 2 sacks



On any given day, a football team can win or lose. That means that being the undefeated team in Sweden does not guarantee the Crusaders a win this weekend. This game must be played and won on the field. Here are some ways the Crusaders can return to the Super Serien Final.


Photo Credit: Hans Cullberg

Score More Points than the Opponent

I actually planned on writing a few options here, before I realized that the simplest answer is usually the correct one. The Uppsala 86ers average less than 20 points a game. The Crusaders can score 20 points in 3 plays. As long as the Carlstad Crusaders stay true to their identity and score often, they can win this game. Everything else will take care of itself.


Perfect Pervis View

The Carlstad Crusaders are the best team in Sweden, that’s an inevitable fact. But this game is more than just another playoff game, the Crusaders legacy is on the line. What kind of Champions do they want to be? The kind that takes its opponents lightly and falls into a trap game? Or the kind that shows no mercy, even to a team that obviously outmatched. I believe Carlstad has the killer instinct needed to determine the outcome of this game early, yet still have some fun in the process. The Uppsala 86ers are in the way of Crusaders competing for a National Title, and will be removed promptly.



If you are interested in finding out what Carlstad Crusaders players and coaches think about the upcoming game, go to to see their interviews. Or you can click the links below.

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