Uppsala 86ers 2018 Playoff Preview

Saturday afternoon the  Uppsala 86ers take on the 8-time defending champions, Carlstad Crusaders for a chance to play in the 2018 Super Serien Final. The Crusaders are ranked as one of the top teams in Europe and are heavy favorites against the 2 win Uppsala Squad. But in the playoffs, anything can happen, and both of these teams know that. The Uppsala 86ers are excited about the opportunity to stage an epic upset against Sweden’s dynasty team.



The Uppsala 86ers have had a difficult season, trying to figure out what really works for the team. Despite the obstacles, the 86ers have earned their playoff birth through hard work and determination. Their season stats show the culmination of that hard work and determination heading into the playoffs.



Points Per Game: 14.6 (#5)

Rushing Yards Per Game: 57.6 (#5)

Passing Yards Per Game: 196.9 (#4)

Total Yards: 254.5 (#5)

Turnovers Lost: 15 (#3)

3rd Down Conversions: 30.1%(#4)

4th Down Conversions: 37.5% (#5)

Red Zone Conversions: 75% (#3)

Photo Credit: Yamamoto Shinji


Points Allowed Per Game: 27.8 (#2)

Yards Allowed Per Game: 358.8 (#2)

Turnovers Forced: 9 (#5)

3rd Down Conversions: 38.2% (#3)

4th Down Conversions: 41.7% (#2)

Red Zone Conversions: 66.7% (#1)




Photo Credit: Yamamoto Shinji

John Rock, QB – 53.5%, 1471 yds, 14 tds, 11 int

Dylan Minshull, RB/DL – 298 yds, 1 td / 71 rec yds /25 tkls, 4.5 tfl, 1 sack, 1 ff

Isac Vikman, WR – 512 yds, 7 tds

Mattias Gauthier, WR – 231 yds, 2 tds

Gustav Bowell, WR – 211 yds, 2 tds

Sam Sjolund, LB – 35 tkls, 1.5 tfl, 1 ff

Stefan Galewski, DB – 32 tkls, 3 pbu, 2 int

Robert Wirsen, DB – 12 tkls, 4 pbu, 1 int

Martin Cham, DB– 23 tkls, 1 pbu





On any given day, a football team can win or lose. This is common football knowledge that the Uppsala 86ers believe, and will try to prove this weekend. Here are a few ways they can be successful in Karlstad.


Run the ball

The 86ers run game will have to lean on runningback Dylan Minshull and the offensive line to be efficient in this game. 3 yards and a cloud of dust is more than enough for the 86ers to control the pace of this game. Quarterback Johns Rock will also need to use his legs in the run game as well.


Keep Crusaders offense off the field

Photo Credit: Yamamoto Shinji

The run game is one aspect of it, but the 86ers realistically know that their defense can’t keep up with the Crusaders the entire game. Luckily, they do not have to, if the offense can put together time consuming drives. Running the ball, using the entire play clock, converting 3rd & 3 or 3rd & 4 situations multiple times in drives are all ways Uppsala can keep their defense fresh and the Crusader offense out of sync.

“Beating Carlstad in the trenches is super important so we can keep the high productive Crusaders offense off the field.”  – Moe Kadkhodai, Uppsala 86ers Head Coach


Someone make the Big Play

Photo Credit: Yamamoto Shinji

Everyone loves an underdog story, but the only way the 86ers come away with an upset is if the unexpected happens. SOMEONE on the Uppsala team has to do that unexpected. Whether it’s a turnover, a touchdown, or a game changing 4th down stop. A big play at the right moment can change the outcome of this game in Favor for the 86ers.

“Stay disciplined, Stop the run. And make plays, we need more turnovers in games like these.”Martin Cham, Uppsala 86ers Defensive Back



Perfect Pervis View

I won’t sugarcoat it, I don’t believe the 86ers will win this game. The Crusaders team is on a separate level than the 86ers at this point of the season. But the 86ers can prove a point in this game. If Uppsala pulls out all the stops, leaves it all on the field, and makes the Crusaders work for a win, they can hold their heads high knowing they were not intimidated or bullied. A moral victory is all I see coming from the 86ers in this one



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